Formaldehyde Free Hair Treatment

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Hair treatment with keratin shampoo seems getting popular among the girls all over the world that helps to reduce curl, fizziness and dryness of the hair and make it healthy, smooth and beautiful. But growing concern emerges recently that some companies use formaldehyde, a carcinogen on their keratin treatment. Keratin shampoos with formaldehyde may cause nosebleeds and eye irritations.

( see here ) .Not all the keratin hair treatment is full proof that you can believe. But at present we can assure and guide you to make a safe hair treatment available in the market without causing harm to your health as well as your hair if you try it repeatedly.

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Keratin hair straightening treatment is a worthwhile investment, although a costly attempt and it loves to make sleeker, healthy, safe and frizz free natural hair. Some treatment is effective and gentle. It purifies the hair through product buildups. But some Japanese which permanently straightens and Brazilian which eradicates frizz and loosen curls for up to six months, face criticisms of their using toxic ingredients like sodium hydroxide, a corrosive active ingredient also found in many household detergents—and formaldehyde. Both helped to grow cancer and lung damage. And for using it for long term basis, it cause alopecia which damaged the hair completely and start falling after some times and never grow back.

Since the Government agencies OSHA,F.D.A hit back Brazilian keratin hair straightening products have hazards warning, fashion & health conscious people looking for alternatives and formaldehyde free solutions, most of the companies took initiative and raced back to their labs and searching for new solutions that contain no formaldehyde but straight your hair without harming you. For example, Beverly Hills Brazilian’s (BHB) Botanical Keratin Hair Straightening System is based on technology developed in laboratories and uses a unique mode of action to adhere keratin to the hair without hazardous ingredients.

Hair straightening treatment without formaldehyde not totally straighten your hair but reduce frizz, smooth the hair shaft and leave behind a brilliant shine of health. And still you can get the beautiful, gorgeous hair without exposure your hair to toxic chemicals and formaldehyde. There are lots of solutions now experts give emphasis to use keratin and a proprietary blend of protein-rich quinoa to enrich, soften and glisten elements.

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Like other companies Beverly Hills Brazilian also prefers formaldehyde and other toxic chemical free Brazilian Keratin treatment solutions for your hair which is completely free of any known harmful chemicals that can cause harm to your hair and uses a unique mode of action to adhere keratin to the hair without hazardous ingredients. BHB’s Botanical Keratin Hair Straightening System was created to give both stylists and clients alike a safe environment and an alternative to other controversial products. Our product is formulated with a unique blend of keratin, silk amino acids, botanicals, exotic Amazonian oils, Brazil nut butter, Buriti oil, Maracuja oil, antioxidants, organic green tea, and other goodies to enrich your hair. Together, these ingredients define the quintessential standard in frizz-free manageable hair. As always never buy a hair straightening product without clarifying its ingredients and labels carefully and some other brands that offer Botanical keratin Hair Straightening System somehow contain hazardous formaldehyde or sodium, sulfate and hide their ingredients and deceive their customers, check out this article to get more sense. For this reason, we suggest all our customers and health conscious people to be very cautious and careful before investing for Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment for their precious hair as well as their well-being for their health.



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